Meet Mike…

Hi. My name is Mike Taylor. I would like to help you with your home or business PC needs. I am local to the tri-county region and into New York City for consultation, troubleshooting, web design, custom PC building and basic computer help. I am available mornings, evenings, and even most weekends, and I can come directly to your home or business. My goal is to make tech support as easy as possible for you.

Check out the rest of my site for more details about what I can do for you.

Taylor Tech Solutions can provide simple and easy tech support for your home or small business.

Is your home PC running too slowly?
Do you need a more modern website?
Are you thinking about buying a new PC, but you are not sure what you need?

TTS can help.


Examples of my work…

Alex from Harrison:
Alex’s computer was running too slowly and she didn’t know how to fix it.  Alex contacted TTS and I arranged a time to visit her home and diagnose and repair her computer.  After a 3 hour service call, Alex’s computer was up and running at full speed.

Sarah from New York:
Sarah is a new business owner, recently relocated to New York City.  She was looking for a way to increase her client base and draw new business.  I worked with her to design a site that she could manage herself as her client list and portfolio increased.

David from Danbury:
David is a school teacher who primarily uses his home PC to prepare for classes, send emails and use the internet.  He was looking at pre-built options but didn’t know what to choose.  After a consultation, David realized that it was very important to him to save music files and to watch movies on his new PC too.  I was able to build him a custom computer for his needs and within his budget, and give him some options for future upgrades as his music and video collection grow.

Carrie from New York:
Carrie is an artist living and working in NYC.  She was looking for a new way to present her portfolio to potential clients.  Carrie needed to be able to manage the content on her site, as her work continually changes.  As an artist, she wanted a clean, modern, minimalist website, providing a backdrop for her work without detracting from it.  I worked collaboratively with her on the site design, and handled the behind-the-scenes coding process.